I am Ken Bonny, a software craftsman specialising in Microsoft technology.
As founder of More Than Code, I help my partners to accomplish their goals
by architecting and developing clean, secure and easy to maintain software.

Ken Bonny

Software Craftsman

Software consultancy

I help partners achieve goals through software. This ranges from architecting solutions, aiding with implementation, rejuvenating older projects and getting projects back on track.

Software training

When fellow craftsmen are a little out of date because they focus too hard on the job at hand, I can help them get up to speed in no time.

Get in touch through any of these channels


If you want to send me snail mail, you can send it to August van Putlei 100, 2150 Borsbeek, Belgium

VAT number

Use the VAT number BE0678.903.295 on invoices that are addressed to More Than Code.


An email to ken@morethancode.be is the easiest way to get in touch with me. I'll answer as soon as possible, but this can take a few days as I'm a busy guy.
I prefer an email or text over a phonecall.

Messaging Services

When your message isn't as urgent to warant a phone call, you can text, WhatsApp or Signal me using my phone number. You can also send me a Telegram (@KenBonny) or Wire (@bonny_ken) message.
I prefer an email or text over a phonecall.


If you do need to get in touch urgently, your best option is to call me on +32 (0)497 99 81 62. I try to pick up every time, but there are moments I just can't pick up. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.
I prefer an email or text over a phonecall.
I prefer an email or text over a phonecall.


This is the social media I interact with the most. A tweet to @bonny_ken gets a reply in a day or two.


The most important social media for recruiters and most up to date resume is found on my LinkedIn profile. I update the projects and customers I work for when an assignment is over, so you can find all my previous projects and work experience there.
You can send me a message through the LinkedIn messaging system, but this can take a week or two before you get a reply.


A lot of the information that can be found here, can also be found on my company page on Facebook. At the moment, I'm not using my personal Facebook often, I check messages about once a month. Don't expect a quick reply if you want to get in touch this way.


Here is my blog where I put my thoughts on paper. I mostly talk about technical subjects, but I occasionally write about my personal life or something that has happened to me. This is also a great place to gauge my technical skill.


Speaking about technical skill, you can check out most of my personal projects on my GitHub profile. This allows you to see for yourself how clean my code is.


KeyBase is a platform to manage public encryption keys. If you don't know what that is, don't worry about it, it's a technical, security and mainly geek thing. If you do know what it is and for some reason need to encrypt your message to me, you can find my public key on my KeyBase profile.


And finally, no profile is complete without a good, oldfashioned resume.

My mission

The mission of More Than Code, my mission, is to improve the quality of software. When the quality of the codebase improves, the quality of the software improves as well. This results in users being more enthousiastic to work with the product. I strive to accomplish this mission through a number of disciplines which define not just a professional developer, but also a software craftsman (or craftswoman). By adhering to these principles, it is my goal to build productive partnerships with both colleagues and clients.

My values

The previous disciplines are the result of values I adhere to.